Monday, April 14, 2014

Canyon Silver

Nowhere Series
Part 5
Red Rock Canyon

Last post was about the gold found in the canyon. Everyone knows gold and silver is often mentioned together as treasure, so this is my silver find to complete the vision.

Entering one of the side canyons I found the sun illuminating the silver bark on the leafless trees. The branches reminded me of veins of pure shiny silver. The red walls of the canyon helped support the thought.

History records that Red Rock Canyon was a favorite camping spot for early day travelers that were headed to the gold fields of California in 1849. The 49ers if you will. Located on the southernmost route, abundant water plus shelter from the elements, provided a more than adequate spot for wagon repairs and filling water barrels for the next leg of the journey westward. Ruts cut by the wagons can still be found on the west rim of the canyon. Even before these visitors, the Plains Indians could be found wintering in the protective confines of the canyon walls.

I was to young to remember my first visit to this canyon. Suspect it was probably when I was still safe and sound in my mothers womb. This canyon was her favorite picnic grounds while growing up in the area. In her adulthood we visited the place often. Fried chicken, potato salad with watermelon and cantaloupe was the usual summer fare. Gallon of sweet tea to wash it down, all while sitting on homemade quilts.

Mother's parents, my grandmother and grandfather, first brought her here. The canyon was owned by the Handley family at that time. Later it was sold to the State to become a State Park where my first memories of visits begin.  I counted. Beginning with grandma and grandpa and going thru the generations to my great grandchild, the count comes in at an amazing SIX generations of family that has been camping or sharing a meal in this canyon . That's a lot of fried chicken!

Canyon Gold and Silver? Yes! This old well used canyon with it's many visitors over the centuries holds a wealth of treasures for this visitor!


  1. Excellent silver photos Parker and a great family history story to go with it.

  2. what a great place full of generations of memories. :) i love the red rock! and your found silver. :)

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to explore.

  4. Your words paint wonderful pictures of bygone days in this special place!

  5. Great memmories of your family story. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great post! But now I'm hungry. Are you cooking? LOL

  7. Paul's comment is correct: you are a "painter of words." Delightful to share some of your family history in this beautiful place. The colors are magnificient!


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