Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Three Amigos

Had the dogs out for a hike last weekend. Turned out it rained most of the afternoon but as you can see their spirits weren't dampened by the weather. In fact that's about the biggest dog smile you're ever going to see from Buster in the bottom picture! How is that old saying... "A tired dog is a happy dog"


  1. LOVE your crew!!! such beauties!

  2. Looks like a happy crew. Did you have them trained to pose for you? That top shot looks like you set them just like you wanted them.

    1. Who me, get these guys all to hold still at the same time... Purely a lucky shot I can assure you, ha ha!

  3. That is one nice doggy family portrait shot! Well done.

  4. These dogs seems to love their play ground!


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