Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shama Thrush

I spotted this interesting looking bird from quite a distance away. So with great care and no sudden movements I fitted the Sigma 120-400 to the camera body and took a number of pictures all the while keeping a respectable distance so as not to scare the bird away. Sure enough when I was done with my great big production my wife walks right up to the bird and takes a picture with her point and shoot! 

Like shooting fish in a barrel! Some of the birds in Hawaiian are so tame...


  1. I hate it when that happens! LOL It looks like you were off the beaten path a little to get the shots. So is the first shot yours or your wife's? It looks like a flash was used.

    1. After I saw how close my wife got to the bird I put the 18-300 back on and took a few pictures with the flash. Not the best picture but a good story to go with, ha ha!

  2. Love the story! Sure some bright colored birds on the islands.


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