Friday, April 4, 2014

Cold and Gloomy Aloha Friday

I'm taking a page from Val's book (or blog) and making it an Aloha Friday. Every Friday is Aloha Friday isn't it?

It's cold and gloomy here in Kansas today so I thought I would post a gloomy photo of Hawaii. They're really hard to take you know!

I'm hoping the clouds and cold go away and the weekend ends up more like this. Ahhhhhh...


  1. Wonderful images. Love the menacing sky in the first image.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. No such thing as a gloomy day in paradise is there? Heck even the wind and rain are warm and refreshing in Hawaii when the weathers not bright and sunny!

    Quite the clouds in the first picture, love the warmth of the second shot!

  3. our weather moved thru all day yesterday. today the air was crisp, clear and the sun is shining brightly. so aloha to you.

  4. Lots of drama in the cloudy pic. I'm with you, take the sunshine over the gloom!

  5. I love the sky in the first shot.

  6. It is a postcard quality on the second shot! Good work!

  7. I would probably take a gloomy Hawaiian sky over any thing else. Both of these are great shots.


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