Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not quite grown up

 I found this juvenile bald eagle at a local lake in late December of the year. Him and his parents were sitting in a tree watching the ducks and geese fight for position in the middle of the lake when it was froze over. The parents split as soon has they saw me but I guess he wanted a better look and flew directly over the top of me a couple times. I only cropped these about 25% to cut out some of the blue sky and position the eagle where I wanted in the frame. Shot all at 500mm handheld.  


  1. Really nice to see that the eagles are successfully hatching and raising their young!

  2. 500mm handheld at a moving target... Sounds like something I'd do. Ha ha!

    He's definitely got an eye on you in all four pictures, nice shooting!

  3. You've been holding out on me. These are some really nice shots. Much better than the ones we got when I was freezing my butt off trying to get shots. Handheld, you're young, that will pass eventually! LOL

  4. The best thing is being young is having strong arms, and quick hands. Good work!


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