Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shore Birds

A couple of recent pictures from different outings, different days. On both occasions I got a few pictures of this same kind of shore bird.

According to the book I have these two birds are either "Greater Yellow Legs" or "Spotted Sand Pipers".Perhaps someone with a better bird book can better identify these two.


  1. i'm terrible at shorebirds since we only get a few here this inland. however, i'm going with greater yellowlegs as i've actually had them here - and based on the yellow legs and long, slightly-upturned bill.

  2. What nice captures! The ripples on the water in the first shot made a nice background to highlight the bird. Reflection shot in the second frame is nicely composed.
    Greater yellowlegs would be my call also. (Sibley-Guide to Birds.)

  3. Nice shots. I agree with Parker about the first shot.

  4. Both good shots but I really like the lighting and reflection on the second shot.

  5. I love the Spring time of the year. The birds are back, and the flowers. In the past few days, I have been chasing the humming birds, and got some lucky shot on different colors of the bird.


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