Monday, April 14, 2014

There's a storm brewing...

...and everybody knows that during high winds and lighting the first thing you do is climb to to top of the tallest metal object you can find!

I told Aaron I would set the D3s to nine frames a second so if he got blown off the windmill by a bolt of lighting I could capture it all in photos. LOL

About two minutes after Aaron retreated from the top of the windmill the sheets of rain started.

Today it is snowing. Man, I miss Hawaii!


  1. crazy kansas boys...

    we had thunderstorms and hail this morning with threat of frost for tonight.

  2. oh you have to be kidding. He is asking for a video just of him. Oh wow!

  3. What can I say! Crazy! but funny!

  4. Yep! There's a storm a brewing with clouds like that.
    Hope he greased the mill head, beings he was already up there. LOL

    Blowing snow here this morning after 85F high yesterday.

    1. No grease needed. The base that holds the gear oil is cracked so it is very dry. It squeaked and creeked so loudly I had Aaron tie the blades down with a chain last year. That's why the baldes weren't turning while he was up there. It a good thing to have the kids around sometimes, I don't do heights! LOL

    2. Happy you had him secure the blades. That is one nice looking windmill. Would not want to see it tore up by theses goofy winds we get out here on the plains.
      Heights? Seems I'm having a bit of the same problem these days! lol

  5. Oh my, glad it ended well. crazy weather.

  6. Just have to close your eyes and click your heals together three times while thinking to yourself "There's no place like Hawaii, there's no place like Hawaii"...


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