Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Entering the Refuge from the SW from Indiahoma Road the first thing one sees on his left is what I call the Badlands! Devoid of most vegetation, what it lacks in green is made up of earth colors .
As I understand the Geologists the Wichita Mtns. were at one time under the sea. The sediments covering them were sandstone with a limestone cap. The Slick Hills north of the refuge are the largest remains of that time frame. This little area of the Badlands represents this same time frame. Erosion has exposed all of the Mtns. leaving only this small area to remind one of that long ago time.
An overlooked part of the refuge which most people never see, let alone explore, it is special to me! Walk amongst the erosion admiring the vivid colors and formations the photographer can not help but being drawn into the magic of this world!!
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  1. Nice photos and history lesson! I was just there about two days ago with the wife. She found a large granite arrow (about five feet long) just west of this area pointing towards the area.

    I had the same thoughts you did about photographing the place but I didn't have time to get down in there and look around. It looks like it would be really interesting.

  2. Any ideas about the arrow? Was it close to the private road (and Posted) that goes north alongside the refuge fence?

  3. Yea, it says "go that way". LOL

    The arrow is on the refuge just inside the western fence at the Indiahoma gate and points off to the northeast. We can run over there when you get here if you want.


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