Monday, September 6, 2010

Who knew?

OK, probably everybody but me but I honestly didn't know you could intentionaly make a double exposure. I should have figured this was possible because of the technology but until I started playing with the bells and whistles (something Paul suggested of just getting out and playing with the camera) I didn't know I could do it.

I'll also admit that this "ghost rock" photo was taken purely by mistake. Even thought it's not a photo anyone would want to look at really I just thought I would post it for the other one or two people in the world that didn't know this was possible. LOL


  1. If there were two who didn't know this was possible now theres only one.LOL

    I like the ghost rock! This is a new opportunity for some interesting pics. Thanks for clueing me in!

    Mysterious treasure hunting pics and clues?

  2. I like it! I remember I have done this funtion on a film camera in the 80's, and I have a lot of fun doing it. However, it cost me a lot of $$ to develop the film. One of my favorite shot on those days is taking picture of the moon, then a person jumping infront of the black background.

  3. I knew you could do this because I played around with it a bit when I got the camera but haven't given it any thought since... Thanks for reminding me about this function!


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