Thursday, September 2, 2010

A re-shoot

Welcome to my world, part II

I wasn't really happy with the first time I shot this becasue I wasn't paying attention to the camera settings and it came out a little, OK, a lot off. I ran back over there the other day and took a few more shots, this time paying attention to the settings and with my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle. I even used a tripod and shot in RAW!

Will I ever be normal again?  LOL


  1. A great presentation and well shot photo! Lighting was very nice.

    Will I ever be normal again?
    Maybe the question is,-----Was I ever normal?LOL Sorry but I couldn't pass up the opportunity!!
    Besides, Normal, seems a little boring!

  2. You have a valid point there. Actually, two. Normal is boring and I would have to say that for better or worse, I probably wouldn't be considered normal except for my buddies like you that are just as un-normal as I am! LOL

  3. Well said!! I wouldn't have it any other way!

  4. I resemble that statement! LOL

    What's gotten into you, a tripod, raw... Next thing you'll be shooting full frame with an f2.8!

    Nice shot by the way!

  5. Nice shot! I'm glad to see someone willing to kick up a notch. For extra few minutes to verify your gear, you can produce a wonderful photograph. Once you get to know your camera, and learned from your mistakes, nothing going to stand on your way to become a pro. By the way, have you update the latest version of NX2 2.2.5? Keep up a good work.

  6. Paul, have you been looking at my e-bay account? LOL

    I have found an f2.8 lens I want to get. I had settled on the Sigma 70-200mm but I found an 80-200mm made by Nikon that is supposed to be an even sharper lens so I'm watching for a deal on one of those. I've also started looking at the D700s again too. I just can't help myself!

    It will probably be a month or more before either one of those makes it to my door, I have to invest in a new computer first. With three photo editing programs and a graphics program my laptop just can't keep up anymore. I'm changing to a quad core desk top computer with 16GB of ram. That should handle anything I happen to need. I hope anyway!

    Quyhn Le, thank you for the compliment but my other hobby of treasure hunting will keep me from being a pro photographer . A professional treasure hunter maybe, it just takes the right spot! Oh and no, I haven't updated yet, I'm still trying to figure out the first version! LOL


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