Friday, September 24, 2010

Trying for just the right shot

This is my son Aaron trying for the best wide angle shot he could get. There's nothing like risking falling off a mountain to get the shot but he's young and still invincible. At least he thinks he is! LOL


  1. You certainly took him to a good place for shooting wide/angle.

    You need to teach him how to use your D 300 so he can do all the hard scrambling up the Mtns. for the hard to get to pics.

    Looks like you've got a new photo partner!

  2. Very Very Nice photo! Sometime I like to include another photographer in my landscape photos. But, this one is special because someone from your family.

    I agreed with Parker to teach Aron how to use your D300. This is good excuse for you to upgrade your camera to D700. Christmas is around the corner, Daddy, and Son need a new toy. I'm sure both of you will appreciate that. Speaking new toys for Christmas, I need to come up with a good excuse myself. I hope my wife are not standing behind right now!

    Aron, don't hesitated to explore the photography world, and I'm sure your Papa will supports you all the way. Also, we will help you the skills if we can. We are looking forward to see more of your creative arts in this blog.


  3. I see a D300 in this young fellows future...LOL
    Nice shot. Having a person or something else for reference often helps in pictures like these.


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