Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting paid to take pictures!

OK so it's just a bunch of pipes and dirt but I am getting paid to take these pictures!
Several years ago on another project I took a bunch of pictures. The engineer for that project found the pictures so usefull when drawing up a final set of blueprints for that job that he asked me to be on site to doccument this pipe laying project. So I dug out my old D50 and went to work. Who would have known?


  1. I never knew a photographer have to roll around with dirt for a gig. A job is a job that is how I look at it. Few years ago I was hired from this couple to document her delivery her first born from start to finish, then put a slide show together for them. I'm not sure why they wouldn't consider video instead. Anyway, after this gig, I'm really appreciated my Mom, and my wife what they have to gone through to create a life. Congratulation on your gig.

  2. Way to go Paul! I find them very interesting. These are very clear and focused. I can see where an engineer would find them useful.

    The workers remind me of the ones here, more watching than working!

    Good gig, coffees on you!

  3. The D50??? Were you afraid of getting the D90 dirty? LOL

    Nice going! Getting paid to take pictures is a good thing. Did they give you a hard hat to where too? :~)

    It sounds like you are working on that Hawaii fund!


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