Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, guys I'm running out of good quality photos to post in this blog. I'm not consider these photos for my collections, so I hope you enjoy looking at them.
I'm going to take some days off from this blog to explore the West in the next 13 days may be less, if I'm running out of gas. Hopefully I will have more photos for you guys when I return.


  1. Well if these are just your everyday photos then I'm in big trouble!!

    Birds duking it out, these are great!

    Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

  2. I can not think of a better place to go this time of year than West! You and your family enjoy yourselves! I am more than confident that we will be treated to a visual treat when you return. Don't forget that somtimes a Photographer has to take "Pics On the Fly"

    I Love everyday photos!!

  3. Two more quality shots from you, and action shots too! I said it before... You have a real tallent particularly for the bird photographs.

    Have a great trip and bring back lots of "photos of opportunity"!

  4. Wonderful shots!
    I'm waiting to see your many great shots, have a good trip!


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