Sunday, September 5, 2010

High ISO

For some unknown reason I was out of bed early Friday morning and the wife and I were sitting outside enjoying the quite when the hummingbirds started buzzing us.

The sun was still in behind the hills and trees so there was a little less light than I needed for a good photo with my available assortment of lenses. I decided to run the ISO up to 6400 just to see what would happen.  This photo is the result of a high ISO and shooting into the sun just starting to shine through the trees.


  1. That came out real good for such a high ISO! Is 6400 the highest the D300 goes or is there another step or two above that? Nikon sure beats the pants off most of the other digital SLR makers out there though when it comes to ISO performance though Cannon seems to run a close second...

  2. WOW! The noise is acceptable for ISO 6400 on D300, I'm impressed. The high ISO 6400 on my old D2X would not near as good as this one.
    Very nice photo. Good Work!

  3. Paul, the D300 only goes as high as 6400. It is consider H2 on the ISO menu. I guess it was too hard to put 6400 on the dial. LOL

  4. I like the background effect produced with that setting. Good thing about digital, experimenting produces results one can view immediately.


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