Saturday, September 25, 2010

Got a little rain last night...

270 mm or 10.6 inches of rain to be more exact. The lake we get our water from rose 4.5 feet overnight and came to within a couple of inches of the pumps which supply the water plant.

That's me standing in about 6 inches of water, normally the lake level is about 4 feet lower than this!


  1. I like to see people hard at work, but standing in water with Electricity!! Theres got to be a story here.LOL

    10.6", thats a lot of rain at one time.

  2. Yikes! That's a lot of rain!!

    I agree with Parker though, do you get hazard pay for water and electricity together?

    If the rain keeps up you may have to invest in an underwater housing for your D90. LOL


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