Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hydrophobic the opposit to hydrophillic... Now what's Paul on about this time?
OK you know that hydro means water right, so phobe or phobic means "repelled" and phillic means "atracted to". Ergo my title "Hydrophobic" in reference to these two plant pictures.


  1. Those are two neat pics. On the bottom photo hope the rain drops are on your window pane and not on your camera lens!

  2. The suspended rain drops are on a spider web and really add to the wet feel of the picture. Westcoast Fall here we come... LOL

  3. And I thought you were trying to tell us you are scared of the water! LOL

    Nice detail in the shots. I especially like the bottom photo.

  4. Those are really nice photos. I think it's time for you to invest in macro lense. Good Work!


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