Thursday, September 23, 2010


After a long climb, boulder hopping, and fighting brush, coming up the backside of Granite Mtn. we finally summited and broke over into Spanish Canyon. A short ways down on the north side is Spanish Cave with its southern view while the canyon continues easterly.

Believed to be Spanish because of three stained markings on cave wall depicting two crosses and a turtle or sun. Over the entrance is a rock formation appearing as an Angel or Butterfly. A good Omen?
Turtle and crosses are no longer visible but grafitti is prominent. Shady and cool with a smooth floor invites one to drop his pack, have a cool drink and enjoy lunch as T.J. is doing. Ron was suppose to be hiking with us today but a swollen hand from two Wasp bites kept him at home.

My thanks to T.J. for being a most able guide and hiking buddy making it possible for me to mark Spanish Cave off my must visit hikes.

Looking to the east down Spanish Canyon from this high elevation where it flattens out, then into the foothills of the next Mtn. I have to think Ron for guiding me on another most enjoyable hike that we did earlier this year in this unique area.
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  1. Welcome back Parker. It looks like you have a great time with your buddy T.J. I wish I brave enough to explore the back country like you. If I do, I'm afraid that I'm going to be on Discovery channel "I shouldn't be alive."

    I like the bottom photo a lot. You have done a great job on the DOF, and exposure correctly in the shadow area. Also, the rule of 1/3 on this photo tell the me a Man vs. Wild.

    Good Work!

  2. Yes welcome back for sure! I'll bet you have a whole memory card of exelent photos from your recent adventures to share here on the blog.

    What a curious place this Spanish Cave is. Can't help but wonder for how many years, centurys people have been coming to this place.

    Great commentary and photos to go with!

  3. With all of the hiking and climbing you did to get there I'm almost glad I was attacked by hornets! LOL

    Really nice shots! I guess TJ got a camera lesson while you were there? LOL

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