Friday, September 10, 2010

Bulb Exposure.

The first photo, the shutter sets at Bulb for one hour at Mono Lake California.
Also, both of these shots it was on f/16, WB auto, and manual focus. Nikon D3X with 14-24mm f/2.8.

The second photo, the shutte open for 1/2 hour, and LED flashlight expose the Cactus for 2 min.


  1. Thanks for posting these nice pics. I really like Star Trail pics! Were you focused or aligned on Polaris (North Star)? Good tip on painting cactus with flashlight.

    Thanks for telling how you set camera up for shot.

  2. Sorry Parker! I forgot to mentioned about the North Star. Yes, I did aligned 15 degree to left of the North Star. Also, there's another trick to get your foreground expose correctly, by taking two photos. First take a picture of your foreground then the sky. After that, merge them in the photoshop.

  3. Thanks for all the TIPS! I am really interested in night skies. I've been playing in this mode for about a year and so far have not got what I am looking for. I have did my homework and know where the dark skies are with none or very little light pollution are, and have visited to verify! I'm bound and determined to get a Pic that I want to share! Looks like West Texas and Big Bend area are in the near future. Wichita Mountains is another dark sky location and within a hundred miles of me, but fumbling around with tripod and camera at midnight with flashlight in the campground gets everybody up and wondering what the Heck are you doing? Besides that, a long Roadtrip opens up new Photo Opps.


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