Monday, January 24, 2011

"Ardea Herodias" (Great Blue Heron)

Not so easy to get a good picture of these birds as they are quite shy and will fly away squalking loudly if they suspect you are stalking them with a camera.

I borrowed the NG style frame from Q for this picture. Just need to add a title and whatnot and you have a magizine cover!


  1. Sharp looking cover pic you captured there! Story on page 14.............

  2. Nice photo! Is this with the 400mm? It looks like you use a fill flash on him. Nice lighting and color.

    Q will be proud!

  3. No no flash and just got lucky on the lighting... Truth be known it was overcast, late afternoon and impending rain. This was the best of about 60 shots, it usually takes at least that many for me go get anything right... Lucky the silly bird didn't get bored and fly away! LOL

  4. Very Nice!!!!! Normally, the honest photographer have to work harder than the other photographer. Those birds in your area is not comfortable with the human surrounding like the one in my area due to the large amount of human population. However, there's a way to shoot those shy birds if you have a remote control to triger the shutter. Just setup your camera manual focusing about 10ft. away near the location that the bird normally landed on. Shoot multible burst when the bird landing. Also, if your camera shutter noise is lound like my camera, you can shoot the bird at the moment they take off once they heard your first click. This method works everytime. Good luck.


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