Friday, January 14, 2011

Wet lens... No problem!

I took some fellows out on the landing craft today to do a video inspection on an underwater pipeline. Normally they have to carry all the equipment in their truck down to a boat before they can use it. They were totally thrilled that they could put their truck right on my boat and work from there!


  1. Is this actually you do for living? If I have a boat like this, I would be a fishing guide, and charter the tourist. Did your camera get wet after you took these picture?

  2. Now that's pretty cool! I always wanted to play with one of those. Did they let you work the controls? LOL

    It looks like you made use of the wide angle lens on these shots.

    The props on their ROV look btter than the one on your boat. :~)

  3. Those pics are neat! Theres alot of Lakes around Okla. that I would like to do some bottom searching !

    Always enjoy your industrial pics!!

  4. Yes Ron I used the Sigma 10-20 to get all of these pictures, not so easy to take an extra few steps back to get more in the picture without getting your feet really wet on a boat! LOL

    Q I managed to keep my camera and lens reasonably dry, much dryer than I was by the end of this drizzly day anyway.

    Parker I would love to own some equipment like this and a magnometer (for finding metal underwater) to go with... Imagine the treasures that await!


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