Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Staying with the theme

I took this one a few months ago when the water level of one of the lakes out here was "low" and the birds were looking for fish.


  1. I bet the fishing was good for this fisherbird. Long legs for stalking, sharp eyes for finding, and a sharp bill for capturing its prey!

    When I first looked at this pic it appeared to me that Paul had posted a shot of the tide going out up at Vancouver Island.

    Colors in this pic are divided in the middle. Good contrast! Opportunity in the blue and waste in the brown! It tells a story.

  2. Easy pickings when the tide is out! LOL

    This looks like a Blue Heron also, sure beautiful birds! Shy though.

  3. I like those trees surround the bird, and very nice frame go with this picture. Is this a season for bird photography?


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