Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's cold outside!

Well the cold finally got here. It's too cold to go hiking so I thought I would get out and take some photos but then I decided it was too cold for that too! I was checking the lake near my house yesterday and all I had was the point and shoot with me but I decided I needed to take a photo, any photo, before I forgot how.

This one should be entitled "Blind Man Shoots". While at the lake I saw a duck coming in for a landing on the lake. All I had was the Nikon S8100 and he was a ways off. I wasn't wearing my glasses and the sun was glaring off of the screen so I couldn't see anything on the point and shoot so I literally pointed and shot. I was surprised the duck was even in the photo much less that I caught him while he was landing. Now I am going to go back with the "real" camera and see if I can do a little better. Maybe I'll close my eyes next time! LOL


  1. Yes indeed, the cold finally arrived!

    The Ice? Well it makes me feel cold!

    " Blind Man Shoots ", Required practice for all photographers who might need to " Shoot On The Fly " in adverse conditions! LOL

  2. Unseasonably cold here on the West Coast also though nothing like your part of the world... I don't see any snow in your pictures, that's a good thing!

    I can't help but notice that we are all posting fewer pictures than usual, especially myself. For whatever reason I am having a hard time getting motivated and am just not seeing the photographic opportunitys like I normally do. Must be the time of year.


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