Monday, January 17, 2011

Shooting eagles

I was able to get onto the Special Use area of the refuge yesterday, this is an area that is normally closed off to the public, and I went for the express purpose of taking photos of eagles. They migrate here for the months of December through February and then they head back north.

I know Paul is laughing at my photo of these eagles but this is as close as I could get all afternoon. And this was taken with the Sigma 150-500mm at 500mm! I only saw four eagles as it was and two of those were young, immature eagles that hadn't gotten their white feathers yet.

Since I couldn't get any closer to the eagles I had to resort to taking a photo of the moon. It cooperated more than the eagles!


  1. Glad to hear you got to get into the Special Use Area. At least you were able to see some eagles. I'll give you an A for that! I'm always a fan of Moon Pics, and this is a nice one! Skies were a beautiful Blue!

  2. Looks like you got closer to the Moon than the Eagles LOL

    I had no idea you had Eagles down your way! That is very interesting. Any idea where they roost or hang out when they are not flying around? It is easy to get Eagles to come close to you if you have dead fish though I don't know if thats legal where you live, it's not a problem here.

  3. The eagles that roost down here come from up north and are only here for a few months. They roost in an area of the refuge that is closed off to poeple and is hard to get into and yea, they frown on you trying to feed them! LOL

    There are some other places here in Oklahoma that they roost at also and some of those are on state property and onther on private property. I just haven't had time to find out where they are and try to get permission to get on the land.


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