Friday, January 21, 2011

Eh? What's that again!

Been having problems with the Sigma 120 400 focusing properly on a consistant basis so I asked this eagle if I could use him as a test subject but he was so far up that he couldn't hear me... LOL

From what I read on the internet there are a number of these lenses with focus issues... Lucky me I bought one of em. Fortunately the Sigma comes with a 10 year warranty in Canada.


  1. I knew that my wait for a pic from Paul would be well worth it!

    I can just hear this Eagle saying, Take my Pic. if you must, but where is my Fish!!

    The 10 yr. Warranty is an attractive feature! I didn't realize anything this day and age was built to last that long!! YEAH! to SIGMA!!

  2. Damn eagle photos!! LOL

    Problems with the lens? Is it just the 120-400 or is it all of their big zooms? I haven't heard anything about that. I'll keep my fingers crossed, no problems yet with the 150-500. I just can't get close enough to the eagles!


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