Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elvis has left the building

I ran across this guy in the special use area on Sunday. I was told his hair-do is a limited edition so to speak. These are known as "Elvis Bulls" just because of the way the hair stands up. There are only about 18 out of 600 buffalo on the refuge that have this "do".


  1. Are you sure the person who told you this wasn't " ALL SHOOK UP!! "

    This is a great pic of an unusual looking Buffer. B&W was the perfect choice!

    I've never seen one with a DOO like this. They must keep them locked up on the other side of the fence!LOL

  2. This is very funny, who says God doesn't have a sense of humor!

    I agree with Parker, B&W is perfect for this shot, nice frame too!

  3. How far were you when you take this picture? It's seems to me that these Bison more friendly than the one I saw in Wyoming. By the way nice picture!

  4. Q, the buffalo here are a little more use to people and cars so they don't run off as much. With that said, you need to give them a wide birth because they will occasionaly ge a little peaved and chase you down!

    I shot this one with the Sigma 150-500mm and I think I was set at about 300mm.


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