Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spiraling out of control

I came across this tree yesterday that looked like it had been twisted for years, something I am accused of on occasion. I stuck my camera inside the tree and tooks some shots. It took me several to get the center the way I wanted it but that's why I love digital!



  1. That is twisted! No one but you would put a camera in a spiral of a tree and pull the trigger! I have to know, is that tree located in the group camp next to where I like to camp! If so that is what I call the Hoot Owl Tree, but I never thought of invading it's privacy.LOL

    I vote this as the most out of the ordinary pic of the year, and this is only 1/1/11!

    Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone ate their Black-Eyed Peas today!! A little GOOD LUCK never hurt anyone!!

  2. Ok I vote this the best picture of 2011 so far this year! LOL

    Great capture and you have it pretty much all in focus too!

  3. Best Picture and Most out of the Ordinary? (so far)Where's my awards?? Do I win any money?? LOL

    You guys are too funny!

    Parker, this is the tree you are talking about. Something just told me I needed to take a photo from inside and I figured it was better to do it when it was cold instead of warm just in case a rattle snake liked the inside of the tree too.


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