Thursday, January 13, 2011

Green Power

I took this shoot on our way to the LAX airport on our return trip to Dallas.


  1. Very attractive shot Q . Like your use of shutter speed to emphasize the rotatation of the blades.

    For a minute I thought you were back in the Wichitas taking pics of the many windmills located there.

  2. Nice shot! I've been meaning to get one like it myself but just haven't gotten around to it.

    Is that sunset or sunrise?

  3. Ron, this is during sunset. First, I used the GND filter on this spot, but I didn't like the foreground exposed. Therefore, I shot the next few frames without the filter, and dragged the shutter to make the blades blurry. Also, I was meterred the sky, and compensated the exposure by -2 stops.

  4. Nice shot! I think your choice to make this picture a silhoutte was a good one! Also this is a nicely balanced photo.


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