Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Enjoyed a nice hike last summer while camped at Copper Breaks State Park. Nothing like exploring places I have never been!
Normally a two hour trek at best, somehow I managed to spend five hours dawdling around.

The hike starts at a high hill on the east side of Bull Canyon. This canyon follows a south easterly course before joining with the Pease River. Untold years of erosion has formed this canyon and the higher ground containing it.

Copper was mined and processed here in the early days. Is this an outcropping? Showings of this green cast material were evident and numerous on the hike down into and coming out of the canyon.

Views from the east and west canyon rims covers alot of scenery! The Pease River which flows below the low hills on the southern horizon, plays a large part in the Indian history of Texas and Oklahoma.

A remote and out of the way place to visit. Just my kind of place!!!
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  1. Beautiful scenery! Looks like you had the place to yourself, I can see why you enjoyed hiking here.

  2. Yes, it's a beautiful scenery! By looking at these pictures, I want to go back out exploring the West again. I like #3 the most. Good Work!

  3. Copper? I think you're looking for the wrong metal!! LOL

    Lools like it time for that wide angle lens. :~)


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