Monday, May 23, 2011


A nice place for that Sunrise cup of coffee. The early morning rays of Sol casts long shadows into the newly re-done screened in patio.

This has been my month and a half project this Spring. Things were looking drab on this East facing porch. I decided that I wanted brighten up this space and make it a place to enjoy more. So out with the browns, bieges, grays and drabs, and bring in the Fiesta Colors!
Alot of the items had to be altered and painted to get what I was looking for. The lizard shutters were made by taking trellises, cutting the legs off and installing my hand painted lizards. Parrot and Rooster were used as is. Pillows were made by wife for me. In the previous pic the Corona porcelin table is an old table from Mexico that I picked up. The chairs were 1950's card table chairs that I upholstered and painted.

The Sun striking all that color sure makes for a neat place to watch the morning Sunrise.

Next post I will show some more of inside the patio .

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  1. Wow! Fantastic work and pictures! I'd love to have some coffee on that porch!

  2. So now I know why you haven't had the trailer out! Nice job! I especially like the table but you need it at sunset with a bucket of ice cold beers instead of that coffee cup! LOL

  3. What an awesome work you, and your wife done to this project. Now I know who to hire for my house project next time. I would love to sit here enjoy my coffee, and my beer every day. Also, I like the Rooster, it remind me of Hawaii.

  4. For whatever reason I have been unable to comment on your bright and cheerful porch renovations for the past couple of days.

    Love the atmosphere you have created! If this don't get a fellow off to a good day nothing will!


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