Thursday, May 19, 2011

My nemesis returns

Last week two of these showed up and started making a nest in the campgrounds. I spent an afternoon trying to get some photos and these are what I ended up with.

I'm still looking for a better shot but as usual, my nemsis is not cooperating.


  1. Good to see the migratory birds all making it back, or at least their offspring. Maybe this will be the year to capture that shot you want.

  2. Also, I believe this is an adult male "Mississippi Kite". ( Mississippi is fun to type ) LOL

  3. You are getting busy with the birds photography, these pictures is very clean, and I like it a lot. I have got these birds in my collection, so I need your help next time when I see you.

  4. I remember this fellow from last year! Still looking for the perfect picture of this elusive character eh? (Though these pictures are pretty darn good).

    Have to start taking your tripod and Sigma 150 500 with you on your rounds...

  5. Q, we will have to get our schedules together so I can meet up with you some time. Cheryl and I are moving back to Kansas at the end of next month but I will be coming down here several times a year to do some "hiking".


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