Monday, May 9, 2011

Calamari anyone?

I have several underwater photos that I have been holding back just because I didn't think they were good enough to post. Now that I have a working knowledge of photoshop I've been able to make some of these a little better so I'll be putting a few of them up since I've got the island fever again.

On a different note, I heard this song today and it reminded me of a place I really like. Any guesses??

Apparently the song has been out for almost a year so I guess I'm a little behind the times. The photos in the video aren't of "that place" but they'll do.

I actually figured out how to make my own video slide show with the song in the background (it took the old man a while) but when I went ot upload it it was 79 MB. After three hours and only having 16% of the upload complete, I cancelled the upload and just decided to go with the youtube version.
I'll will say I'm very jealous of Q right now, only five weeks, I would already be packing! LOL


  1. I'm only going to comment on the calamari picture for now... The internet is deathly slow this evening!

    I had no idea these little squids were so colorful! Good post processing, looking forward to seeing more of the long lost underwater photos!

    Finally got my Sigma 120-400 back from repairs today... It only took two months. Glad I wasn't in a big hurry! LOL

  2. Two months? I hope it works now! LOL I guess since it was a warranty fix and you weren't paying them any money they took their time.

  3. I did not know the squids are pink in the ocean! I think I should call you a Jack Custo from now on. Good Work!

  4. Another neat creature fom the depths. I really like calamari fried. Has to be cooked just right though or it is tough.

    Nice tune from Zac Brown and the Man himself
    ' Jimmy Buffett '.


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