Saturday, May 14, 2011

The difference a day makes

Last year they drained one of the lakes here to do some work on the dam. Since it has been so dry the lake bottom started looking like a desert so I took a little walk in the lake last Tuesday. This shot was taken with the Sigma wide angle.

I was amazed at how dry everything was and at what I didn't find in the lake bottom. I'm assuming somebody else already beat me to the good stuff! LOL

On Wednesday we finally got some greatly needed rain, almost three inches in some spots. The lake's rain gauge said 1.75 inches and this was just in two hours. I had three inches of rain at the campgrounds. The lake level came up several feet just with that one rain. In this photo you can see the tree line closest to the white bouys. That is the spot I was standing at two days earlier when I took the first two photos. I would estimate the water to be about six feet deep there now.


  1. So... No treasure chests laying on the dried out lake bottom I take it. LOL

    Wow 3" of rain... It never rains, it pours! Thats a pile of rain especially when everything has been dry for so long. Must have been a muddy mess!

  2. I like the first photo, and I'm glad that you got some rain in your area. Is this mean we could have camping fire on our next trip?

  3. Not yet Q. They still haven't lifted the burn ban for some reason. The government has their own way of doing things that only a bureaucrat can understand! LOL

  4. Sure glad for the rain. Will be nice to see water in that lake again.

    Really like the first pic. Nice geometric pattern created by the dried mud. Very well focused from bottom to top of pic. Still hard to believe how shallow that lake is.


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