Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Staying with the bright color theme

I actually had a couple of hours to go out last week and do some shooting. About fifteen minutes into a short hike we came across this guy. I thought he fit right in with Parker's colorful scheme! LOL

These were both shot with the Sigma 150-500mm.

FYI, apparently Blogger is having problems with the comment portion of the blog. I tried several times this morning to comment on Parker's photos and it just kept making me sign in over and over and over. Hopefully they will get it fixed in a day or two.

With that said;

Parker, You're quite the handy man. I guess the next time I need something remodeled I will call you and Q and then just sit back and watch the work! LOL
I'm glad the tornados passed you by. It seems like this has been a worse than average year for big winds.
I still say you need a bucket of Coronas on the table! :~)
Nice photos too!


  1. These Guys are my nemesis like the Kites are to you.
    The bright colors on these babies is great!


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