Friday, May 13, 2011

How many guys does it take...

For the past 5 weeks or so I have been inspecting really more documenting by taking notes and taking pictures as new water lines are installed in the nearby town of Port McNeill. Looks like I'll be at this most of the summer and on into the fall also.

Normally I take pictures of pipe joints, valves and other boring stuff but just for the fun of it I took a few pictures of the crew "working"... This one came out the best! LOL


  1. It looks like those city workers in my area. No wonder it took them forever to complete anything. Normally, one Mexican guy digging, and other 5 guys looking.

  2. Well at least the Photographer was doing his job, and very well I might add! These shots of people doing their work (or not) are interesting views of human activity.

    Are you sure Ron wasn't down in the hole trying to uncover that lost treasure cache? LOL

  3. Treasure??? Did somebody mention treasure? LOL

    These "working" men look like they are all thinking; "that's not supposed to be there".

    Do they let you where a hard hat when you're taking the pictures? LOL


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