Monday, May 30, 2011

Wings under the sea

I've been going though my old Hawaii photos looking for that one special shot I can submit to the contest. In the process I went back to reworking some of the underwater photos so I thought I would post this one.


  1. You have a talent for underwater photography. Sharing a world that few have ever visited. The camouflage abilities of that fish must be amazing. It blends so well with the coral (?) on the floor of the ocean. The quietness underwater must be very peaceful. Good work!

    By the way it looks like I will get down tomorrow (May 31). Hope to spend at least a week. Should arrive around noon to 2PM.

  2. Love all the aqua color tones in this picture! Except for the fishes eye it is completely blended in with it's envrionment.

    I hope you plan to take a bunch more of these underwater pictures next time you visit the Islands!

  3. I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures this next trip. I bought a new underwater camera set up with a special wide angle lens just for this trip.

    The hotel we will be staying at has a nice coral reef just off the beach that has lost of fish and turtles around it so I won't have to go far. We're also planning on snorkeling/diving at Molokini (a partially submerged volcano cone) that is supposed to be the premier diving spot near Maui.

    Between the D300, Cheryl's camera, my point and shoot and the underwater rig I have enough memory for 10,000 shots. I plan on buying 5000-10,000 shots more of memory before we go. I will probably never use it all but I sure don't want to get there and need more! LOL

  4. Yeah, there's no such thing as too much memory. I always bring some extra as well - 3000 photos (what I brought home from Norway) just happened, somehow. :)


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