Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something just a little different

A buddy of mine had a "toy" he recently told me about and after a little prodding he allowed me to try it out on a project I am working on. (think Parker, think! LOL) The thermal imaging camera really surprised me at what it will do. I'm going to have to get one of these for a couple of different reasons!

The times shown on the pictures is off by 12 hours (I couldn't figure out how to reset the clock) so all of these except this first one were taken in the dark, really dark I might add.

This first picture is my bassett hound wondering what it was I had in my hand.

This one is looking down a road by my house. Note that you can even see the stripes on the road.

This one was taken from about 100 yards away and you are looking at two people sitting at a pick-nik table surrounded by trees at about 10:30 at night.

This is another pick-nik table with trees around it but no people, also taken from about 100 yards away.

The camera can be adjusted to "see" in gray scale, what it calls "iron" and "rainbow". Depending on wha tyou are using it for is what you use the three different colors for. You get more detail in the iron setting unless it's really hot and then the rainbow setting seems to work better.

I realize these aren't the "pretty" pictures we normally post on here but I really was amazed at this camera and thought the rest of you might be interested in seeing the photos.

We are still testing this camera to see what exactly it will "see" that we can't. We have dug holes and filled them back in and it will actually see the disturbed area. Hmmmmm, I wonder what I can use this for?? LOL!


  1. This is some serious technology! If this works like it may, Superman won't have nothing on you. Needs testing to find its kryptonite.

    I vote these pics as the most unusual 'Ever' on this blog!!LOL

  2. And this comment setting works fine. :)

    And those pics are cool (or warm, lol).

  3. That's absolutely amazing! I had no idea they were that sensitive. The uses for one of these would be endless. Disturbed earth... Hmm.

    Happy you have the comments up and working again!

  4. This is an awesome camera. Now you know what to use when you try to find a missing person in the camp ground.


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