Monday, March 24, 2014

Gone Fishin'

The gulls and pelicans had easy picking for food when were in Oklahoma. The fish came pre-processed from the tube that was pumping water in to the lake. It was a great spot to just watch the interaction between the gulls and pelicans. All though the pelicans were no where as graceful as the Osprey they would still dive almost completely into the water to get some food. After they did the hard work of getting the food the pelicans would then harass them til they dropped it and sneak in for a easy meal.


  1. These came out really good! Your timing on the first shot was perfect!

  2. Great shots for sure, love that first shot, great timing as Ron has already pointed out!
    I'm thinking the caption for that first shot should have been "Melp, melp, Ibe drowdig!"

  3. Ker-splash! You should have seen the one that got-away!
    Well timed action shots!


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