Monday, March 3, 2014

It's colder than a ...

Oh yea, it's THAT cold! We had a HIGH of just 8 degrees yesterday. We were supposed to get nine inches of snow but as usual, the weather man got it wrong and we actually only got about two inches. This time I was glad they got the weather wrong.

As much as I am enjoying learning about taking photos of snowflakes I'm hoping this is my last chance to photograph snowflakes for several months.

These flakes were captured on a black t-shirt and the threads in the shirt is the design you are seeing in the background.


  1. we had ice and snow pellets and thundersnow yesterday in texas, too. temps in the teens overnight. very grateful for electricity, a working heater, firewood and unfrozen water pipes (fingers crossed).

  2. Wow you certainly have snowflake photography down to a science, both exceptional pictures!

    Yes I agree, winter can be done now, time for spring and summer again!

  3. Reminds me of finely cut crystal patterns. And just think, no two are alike. Amazing!

    Yesterday was 12F with snow, sleet, thunder and lightning with high winds. Weird and crazy!


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