Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Wife!

When a woman get behind the wheel of 460 hp. with twin turbo, you're making her a happy wife!  Couple months ago we were planning to get a new car for my wife, and we are going to purchase a car that gives us a better gas mileage from our previous Lexus GS300.  Well, that wasn't in our mind when she test drove the Lexus IS F, and IS350 F.  When I saw her smile when she stepping on the gas paddle, I knew right the way she's not going to go home with out one.  We have been drove this car for 2 months, and we glad we made the purchase.  It's a fun car to drive, and we love all the safety features in this car.  If you have a chance, test drive this car, and you won't regret.


  1. Wow what a sharp looking car and those shots under the hood reveal quite a racy looking turbocharged power plant!
    I am very careful not to test drive cars like the Lexus IS350S or cameras like the Nikon D4s because then I would have to buy one and my wife would kill me. Ha ha!

  2. That's a lot of horsepower to keep under control. Bet no one gets ahead of her when the signal light turns green!

    1. Sorry Parker, we didn't get the one in the picture with 460 hp. However, we bought the IS350 about 160 hp less than that one. But, still a lot of juice going down the road.

  3. She's never going to let you borrow her car again! LOL

  4. Can I be first in line to give it a test drive? Good looking car!


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