Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Legacy in Bronze

Capitol Visit

Singing Heart
Allan Houser
The State of Oklahoma is celebrating the 100th birthday of our Native Son, Haozous. This bronze of Singing Heart and my last post of Morning Prayer were on loan to the Capitol from Allan Houser,Inc of Santa Fe. As Long as the Waters Flow, is a part of the Capitols Art Collection.

Mother and Child
Anna Marie Houser, widow of Houser, believed the child is Allan and is being held by his Mother , Blossom.

Maternal Love
Like any great artist, my father's work reflected both the experiences of his own life and the influences of other artists,past and present. Throughout history, artists have been fascinated with the images of mother and child, a love that he had experienced with his own mother, Blossom Haozous. He had witnessed the bonding between his wife, Anna Marie Houser, and their sons. In "Singing Heart," my father captured the protective love that a mother feels for her child. If there is one theme that unifies Allan's lifetime work, from beginning to end, it is the image of maternal love.
Stephen Houser


  1. Nice detail and finish on this sculpture!

  2. Hi Parker. Long time no sharding! I love hearing the back story on this artist. I'm a fan of native work and this one is no exception. Really great!

  3. What a wonderful post, and beautiful art.

  4. Another great sculpture of his, which depicts an important value in all cultures. Love his work!

  5. You're doing a good job of giving us the tour of the capital!

  6. Thanks for the stories of the Oklahoma Capital, now I have to see this place in person.


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