Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Art

Capitol Visit
End of Series

Flight of the Spirit
by Mike Larsen

Oklahoma Black Gold
by Jeff Dodd

We Belong to the Land
by Jeff Dodd

by Charles Banks Wilson

Art abounds at every turn and floor of the Capitol. These pics are just a token of the many that one is at liberty to photo, admire, and stand back to contemplate. A visual history of the people, the land, and events that make this a proud place to call home.

My visit was not near long enough to capture all the photos nor absorb the stories that were told in the art work. I missed more than was seen. Another visit, at another time, is a must! 


  1. the paintings situated in the arches is a neat feature. enjoyed all the art and sculptures here.

  2. Very colorful art work! At least we know where our tax money goes.

  3. What a privilege it would have been for these artists to be invited to paint in the Capitol building!

  4. Another nice series. You did a great job getting the photos inside the buildings, the colors really "pop" in the photos.

  5. I particularly enjoy "we are part of the land" mural. Makes a clear statement about the culture of the state, and it's about "regular" folks rather than heroes. But, then again, they could be considered heroes!

  6. Great series Parker. Nice to see Oklahoma's capitol building. I look forward to your next series.


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