Sunday, March 23, 2014

" Nowhere " a destination

Red Cliffs and Canyon Walls
Caddo County, Oklahoma
First of a Series to Nowhere

Woke up with no thoughts or plans of going nowhere. Funny how a couple of cups of coffee along with warm temps and bright sunshine can change one's mind. Time was on my side and I was on the road shortly, still without a destination in mind. When in doubt, 'head west by southwest' is my choice! 

Hilltop Cliff
Had a memory jog! Try to find the old cliff face with the carvings of dates and names that I last saw some twenty-five years ago!

Westward to Us 81, south to SH 152, west again to the Red Rock Canyons located in Caddo County. A scenic and rough slice of beauty that one has to search out to appreciate. No signs to point the way to my long ago find, just my memory!

They Passed This Way!
Only a sampling of the many scratched messages inscribed on the sandstone tablet. Next visit I will bring a ladder. At least 20 foot up I can see the faint markings that my 200mm lens would not do justice to. No speculation on my part. I was just glad that after all those years since I discovered the site for myself, that it was intact with very little change. Going to Nowhere can sure be fun!


  1. Oh good a new series by Parker and with a title like "Nowhere A Destination", this should prove to be most interesting I'm sure!

    Great find or should I say re-find. I can't help but wonder what GLP 1911s reaction would have been had he known his inscription would be immortalized in cyberspace for the whole world to see here on the Shutter Bugs Blog!

  2. how awesome! glad you found it again!

  3. Great find! Another interesting history capture by you. Looking forward to see more of this area.

  4. I sure do miss that red dirt! Now you know there's bound to be some "interesting" carvings around there so look carefully. LOL

  5. Very interesting spot. I would enjoy hiking around checking that spot out!

  6. Unplanned surprises can culminate in wonderful experiences. These photos are remarkable, and what pleasure it must give you to see them. Breathtakingly beautiful!


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