Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pareidolia In The Sandstone

Nowhere Series
part 2

Sedimentary Rocks
While climbing around the cliffs looking for more carvings I couldn't help but notice the layered and colorful rocks. Shaped by wind, water, and the other elements that Oklahoma weather could throw at them over the years. The exposed cliff face had become not only artistic in looks, but a good example of sedimentary sandstone formation!

Standing Watch
All the time I was walking around and observing different aspects of the strata, a feeling of 'being watched' was with me. When I stepped back from the rocks to begin composing my pictures, I found the answer for my feeling. In the center of the above photos was this image in stone looking down on me. A moment of Pareidolia! A fancy word for 'seeing things'. I was being watched by the Caretaker of The Site!

Nose to Nose
A turn to my left and the erosion of the sandstone presented me with an image of  a bear reaching down to touch noses with a fox. A stalactite-stalagmite formation caused by erosion. 

Being out in nature always brings surprises when one takes the time to let his mind relax and wonder. I'm always on the look for these little whimsies that remind me of other things. Sometimes they come from the shapes of mountaintops, clouds, rocks, shadows, or trees. Adds a fun layer to a hike or even a drive. Look around; Bet you can find your own! 


  1. just beautiful red rock. i liked your 'watchers.' :)

  2. I find myself finding these things also in clouds and such. This is a very neat rock formation. Just looking at the second image, with out reading your explanation I thought someone had hung over the edge and carved a head and face in the stone. Mother nature at her finest. I really like the nose to nose photo, great find Parker!

  3. Good eye Parker, definitely looks like a Bear touching noses with a Fox. Quite the sandstone formations, looks like an interesting place to poke around for sure!

  4. An alert mind, good eyesight, and an active imagination can bring treasures to the fore. I am impressed always with the richness of the colors. Those rocks are sensational additions to nature.

  5. "a bear kissing a fox", I can see that! You photos make me want to get out to some places I know and do some looking around. Come on warm weather!

  6. It seems to me you have a wonderful time hiking in this area!


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