Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Following Ron Post!


  1. A dreamy, mystical side of the Islands.

  2. Three amazing photos. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

  3. Pretty sure I haven't seen the last two pictures before. I have to agree with Randy... Very difficult to pick a favorite from these three!

  4. I can pick a favorite. That last shot is fantastic! The others are great but the last one has a little bit of everything in it with the fog and water and the moss. How long of a shutter speed was that?

    As a side note, that should have been you fishing instead of taking photos. Paul and I can't cook and clean for you if you aren't catching dinner! LOL

    1. I'm not sure the shutter speed on this one. I was using Bulb for my shutter speed due to ND filter. By looking at this one, I would guess 5 - 8 sec. with two -3 stops ND filters or 15 sec. for -10 stops ND filter.


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