Monday, March 3, 2014

Facing the Rising Sun

Capitol Visit

Morning Prayer
Allan Houser
Chiricahua Apache

Facing the east while waiting for the morning sun to rise, this Apache man sings his prayer song.

"During his lifetime, my father created more than forty pieces of art that depicted a man's personal relationship with God. His mother, Blossom, was a devoutly religious woman who had been raised a Christian in the Apache Reformed Church. In "Morning Prayer," Allan uses his narrative skills to present a man who is in deep thought as he faces the rising sun. In his hand is a drumstick, beating a slow rhythm on the drum as he sings his morning prayers. Through the art of my father, we sense this man knows his place in the universe." 
Stephen Houser


  1. We have one of his galleries down the street from my work. This one is exceptional.

  2. Your state Capitol has some very tasteful sculptures, I'm impressed!

  3. Replies
    1. Oklahoma it is! Pic was taken from the east grounds of the State Capitol building. This statue is on loan from Allan Houser, Inc. to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. I believe it use to sit at the east entrance of New Mexico's Capitol (the Roundhouse) in Santa Fe.

  4. These statues must have been put in after I left the state. I don't ever remember seeing any of them. I need to get back more often I guess.

  5. A very talented man with many admirers. It dismays me a bit, Parker, that I seem to miss so many of your posts. I have enjoyed this series at the Capitol.

    1. No worries Ms. Kate. You are on Winter Break in Santa Fe, where Houser taught and developed a new style of Native American Sculpture. If time permits I would enjoy your pics and narrative from his foundation there.

  6. You really capture the escents of this sculpture. Really wonderful to look at.:)


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