Friday, March 7, 2014

Me and the Sea

These are some more photos taken while snorkeling on Maui. These were all taken at Olowalu Beach.


  1. Ewww those are pretty! I see you still have the Hawaiian theme. Makes me want to jump in!

  2. My daughter and hubby and kids are going to go to Hawaii end of April.

    First to California and then over to Hawaii.

    When we went to the islands years ago with my oldest son and wife and boys .

    This was breathtaking. Like you show.

    Oh they will love it my daughter and family. They are just fed up with Winter this year..

  3. An interesting world you have found beneath the surface of the water. Strange but colorful comes to mind!

  4. Wow Ron, looks like you been holding your best pictures back, beautiful aqua colors and nice clear water make for some excellent shots!

    You know you're not making it easy for me to enjoy this rain forest I call home when you keep posting warm tropical Hawaii pictures... Grr!


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