Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Got a light?

I thought I would stick with the Hawaii theme that Paul started because you know I hardly ever post any photos from Hawaii. LOL 

We keep telling Aaron he should learn how to do this and then he could get a job in Hawaii.

For the curious, these were shot with the Nikon D800 at ISO 6400.


  1. Find me somr lessons and that is a deal. I am still amazed how well the full frame cameras handle the iso compared to the dx cameras. Great shots bye the way. I really like the bottom two with the fire trails.

  2. Now there is an unusual profession. Quite an entertainer you caught in action.

  3. Wow ISO 6400 and very presentable results, great action shots too by the way! I haven't tried any high ISO stuff with the new D7100 yet but I doubt it would come close to the results you've gotten with your D800.


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