Friday, December 3, 2010


Just up the road from Lost Lake, a right turn down a dirt road brings you to a small quaint Dam and Lake known as Burford. Constructed on a smaller scale compared to some of the larger Dams in the area it does a big job of creating a pristene body of water which serves the needs of the wildlife in this area. Also makes a pretty nice place for a fisherman to wet a hook or lure if so inclined.
Backing up the waters of Panther Creek, a Hiker and Picture Taker can enjoy a stroll around the shore practicing his pleasures, the scenery is abundant!

While visiting this place Howdys and Hello's were exchanged with some other visitors enjoying the beauty of this quiet oasis. As they were leaving I couldn't help but notice that their license plate was from "Hawaii" . Thought of Ron, Paul, and Quyn Le, and the conversation these guys could of had!! Is there a Road from here to there ?? LOL
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  1. Visitors from Hawaii! Who would have known...

    What a pretty little lake with a modest yet sturdy looking dam. Both good photos and eloquant commentary to go with.

  2. I agree with Paul, very eloquant commentary and great photos!

    If there was a road to Hawaii from here I would be on it right now!!! LOL

  3. I have noticed that your pictures have a good color balance, and greater DOF. Did you recently change your style of shooting? Nice pictures.


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