Thursday, December 30, 2010


Fort Reno Post Cemetary. Located in Western Canadian County, Oklahoma. A lonely but lovely place with a view from a prominent rise in the thousands of acres surrounding its hallow grounds.
A sturdy wall of local quarried stone keeps the prairie in its place. Buried but not forgotten are the early Soldiers, Wives, Children and Civilian personnel assigned to occupy this Post during the days of the Indian Wars and later.
Included in this Place of Remembrance are the Indian Scouts, the Buffalo Soldiers from the Calvary and Infantry alike.
General Phil Sheridan's favorite scout Ben Clark is perhaps the most famous resident. Chief Scout Clark's wife Moka and five of their eleven children are interred here.

Also on the West end, under separate containment lies the bodies of 62 German and 8 Italian P.O.W. from WW II which I will show in my next Post.

Decorations on the graves were placed for Christmas.

I invite any reader who might have an interest in this important early day Fort to take a look at its History at
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  1. A great bit of history! You should have been a teacher.

  2. Parker you are becoming very polished at this business of bloging! Not only has your skill as a photographer improved over the past year but so have your writing skills! I look forward to each and every one of your posts!

    Happy New Year!


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