Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dallas Mavericks

I took my son Christopher to the Dallas Mavericks game couple weeks ago, they not allowed the spectator bring in camera lenses longer than 5 inches. So therefore, I have to use my Fuji HS10 point and shoot camera, most of these shots are at 750mm zoom, handheld. Sorry for the poor quality photos.


  1. Poor quality photos? what are you talking about? I think the top three shots are great!!! LOL

  2. Mavericks?? I thought it was girls gone wild until I scrolled down the page! LOL

    Nice sports action pics. Bet you and Christopher had a good time! Always fun to share time with your kids.

  3. If the last photo was an indication of how far away you were sitting from the court then I would have to say the pictures you took were fantastic! Typical Fuji camera, the colours are nicely saturated and the photos tack sharp!


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